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Chiropractic was officially founded in 1895 by D.D. Palmer, however, there is evidence that the act of Spinal and Extraspinal Manipulation has occurred for thousands of years prior to that.

Chiropractic: (as defined by dictionary.com)

a therapeutic system based primarily upon the interactions of the spine and nervous system, the method of treatment usually being to adjust the segments of the spinal column.

There are over 200 Chiropractic techniques that are used throughout the world by Chiropractors in over 100 countries. The most common techniques usually focus on finding bones or joints that are not aligned properly and/or do not move correctly. The techniques usually aim to restore the joint/bone back to its natural position and/or motion to reduce pain, inflammation, and stress on the nervous system. There is scientific evidence to support the efficacy of most chiropractic techniques, however, there are a few techniques that remain unproven, though often clinically effective.

At the Center for Alternative Medicine PLLC our doctors use a variety of chiropractic techniques to address the neuromsuculoskeletal system. We use science-based Chiropractic methods. Each patient is different and thus no one technique could ever suffice. We will use the most effective management system that can be safely administered to address the patient's healthcare needs.

THIS ---->https://pueblochiropractor.chiromatrixbase.com/about-us/services---techniques/chiropractic-care.html

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